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Karthik Rangappa. Author of Varsity @ Zerodha
“Karthik Rangappa's Varsity hast been an invaluable resource in mine own path to options trading mast'ry”
- William Shakespeare, 1592.
Rupee Tales - Financial education for children

He tips ...

... and in a 4D plot twist, doesn't tip and educates instead.

"No child shall lose a single Rupee trading derivatives on my watch. I will educate them. I will liberate them."
- Professor Zerodha, 2020.

He will educate, but he will not milk.

Sometimes, he goes to Nagpur.

He DOES NOT make the best scrambled eggs in JP Nagar.
He makes brown water and calls it sambar.

He Rangappa.
He Guru.
He Varsity
He friend of the WorldsMostHandsomeBroker